Private Training

Lash Primp Private Courses are Designed for students who prefer a more private training setting. We offer both 8 and 16 hour Private sessions. Our courses teaches you all fundamentals of theory, sanitation and application techniques. Each student receives a branding and clientele building booklet with on-going mentor ship with all of our courses.  
Upon completion you will receive a certification.
Once you have registered for one of our courses a welcome package will be mailed to you. Your welcome packet will contain all items to prepare you for the day of training.
Our Private sessions are conducted at our Atlanta, GA headquarters.
Out-of-state private sessions are available for a additional $350.


Course Requirements:

Lash Primp does not require a license to take any of our courses. However, We do recommend checking with your particular state for any state board regulations.

Course Refund Policy:

When you register in a private course with Lash Primp, a reservation will be held in your name for that date & time and is unavailable to other students. All sessions are planned in detail to accommodate you in a private setting. In order to cover the cost of modifying these arrangements due to cancellations or rescheduling the following fees apply


Deposits are none refundable. 


Should you need to reschedule your private sessions, you must do so at least 8 days prior to the schedule date. One reschedule is permitted per deposit without penalty. A reschedule fee of $250 will apply if you reschedule within 7 days of your session start time.


To register for our private courses a deposit of $250 is required. The remaining balance is due the day of class. 


Private Classes are available upon request to schedule your private session please contact:
Choose Your Private Course

Beginners Eyelash Training Course

1 day $1000 2 day $1500

Volume & Mega Volume Training Course

2 Day $1800

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