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A Guide for Lash Artists: Dealing with Claustrophobic Customers During Lash Extensions
As a lash artist, your main goal is to enhance the beauty and confidence of your clients by giving them stunning lash extensions. However, in the ...
The Latest Trends in the Eyelash Industry: What's Hot Right Now
The eyelash industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and techniques emerging regularly. If you're a lash artist or simply an eyelash enthu...
Finding the Sweet Spot: Mastering Eyelash Tweezers for Perfect Volume Fans
Introduction: As a lash artist, your tweezers are your trusty sidekicks in creating stunning volume lash fans. While many lash artists focus on th...
Understanding Fall Lash Shedding: Tips for Lash Extension in Autumn
As the autumn season rolls in with its crisp air and falling leaves, it's essential for both lash technicians and clients to be aware of the chang...
您喜歡我們的產品嗎?作為品牌大使加入我們的團隊並幫助宣傳,以下是成為 Lash Primp 品牌大使的一些職責和福利。 職責: 引起轟動!Lash Primp 會經常向我們的大使發送新產品、服裝和即將到來的培訓詳情。您將在 Facebook、Instagram、Twitter 等社交網絡上撰...
Navigating Holiday Shipping Deadlines
With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's the perfect time to prepare for festive gift-giving. Whether you're ordering items for yourself ...
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Primpbabes, your voices have been heard loud and clear! At Lash Primp Supply Store, we've always been committed to providing you with the best expe...
1 Year of Lash Primp Supply Store
  As Lash Primp Supply Store celebrates its first anniversary, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey this store has embarked upon. From ga...
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Volume - Mixed Trays (16 Lines)

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Volume - Mixed Trays (16 Lines)

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