What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent single strands of synthetic, silk, or real mink hairs that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They are applied individually one strand at a time giving a more natural look in comparisons to other application methods.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

When applied properly, Eyelash Extensions can last up to 4-8 weeks depending on the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes and the expertise of the technician applying them. to maintain the look of your lashes touch ups will be required every 2-3 weeks.

Can I swim, Shower, or exercise while wearing eyelash extensions?

Yes. After your initial cure time of 48 hours. the formulated adhesive allows you to shower, swim. exercise and sleep worry free.

How often should I get touch ups?

We recommend getting a touch up every 2 to 3 weeks. At any given moment each of your natural lashes is at a different stage of its growth cycle. A retouch is needed to replenish the lashes that have completed their cycle and while removing any lashes weighing down on the natural lashes.

Can I apply eyelash extensions to my own lashes?

NO! Only a trained professional will be able to safely apply or remove eyelash extensions. Unprofessional application or self application may cause eye injury or clumpy unnatural looking lashes.

Can I apply mascara to my extensions?

At Lash Primp we do not not recommend adding mascara to your extensions. However, if you must add mascara, we recommend using water-based mascara ONLY. Water proof and oil based mascara will ruin the lashes.

How do I take care of  my eyelash extension?

Your extensions are pretty easy to maintain. 1 hour before your appointment you will receive a email with detailed after care instructions. To extend the life of your extensions we asked you to follow these simple instructions: Do not wet eyes or take a steaming hot shower for 48 hours; avoid humidity and do not swim or use a spa for 48 hours after each appointment to give proper time for bonding; be gentle with your lashes; keep them clean and dry and brush them daily; avoid rubbing your eyes or using aggressive back and fourth movements; use only water based products around the eye area; cleanse daily (we recommend Lash Primp Oil free makeup remover available in store); keep your touch ups pre-booked every 2 to 3 weeks

Describe application process.

You will be reclined comfortably with your eye's closed, while your eyelash extensions are being applied. It generally takes 90-120 minutes to apply a full set of eyelash extensions. The procedure is relaxing and comfortable that many clients fall asleep. Touch ups can be done in as little as 30-45 minutes.