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ProMades, Pre-Mades, or Easy Fans?

ProMades, Pre-Mades, or Easy Fans?
What's the difference and which works best?
We want you to feel comfortable with what works for you and what makes you feel confident in being a lash tech. With so many different items available, it can be hard to know what works best. Find out the difference in each type of fan the lash world provides.

Pro Made Extensions

(Individual Lash)

Pro-Made Extensions or Handmade fans is another phrase that identifies with creating your own fans. An effective way to personalize each set for your clients, even if it isn't the easiest suitable option. Creating fans takes time and practice which is important to perfecting the lash base of the fan. 

Easy Fans

Easy fan, the name speaks for itself. Very similar to pro-made extensions but provide a slightly simpler way to create volume fans. The individual lashes are bonded at the base, therefore giving more time to perfect the fan. 

Pre-Made Extensions

Pre-made fans are machine-made fans. This type of fan is not to be mistaken for clusters. Pre-made fans are individual lashes that have been bonded together for quick lash application. Even though this makes lashing quick, there is a lack of control of the lash base of the fan. Also after dipping the fan in adhesive, it can increase the weight of the lash. 
So take time to practice, learn, and experiment with different items until you find the perfect combination that works for both you and your clients. This will help you find out what products you feel most comfortable working with. Don’t be afraid to try something new - practice makes perfect! Get started with something you haven't experienced before.

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