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Congratulations on taking the first step in starting a new career. Our workshops consist of training with the most in-depth details on the lashing industry. All courses come with an exclusive Lash Primp training manual that includes everything you need to know about lashing.

Lash Primp offers both classroom and online training under the guidance of one of our Master Lash Artists. Our online and hands-on education, intensive marketing packet courses, and business-building instructions will help to aid your success. Our small classroom setting offers low-stress environments and frees the students from the fear of failure. Our online course makes learning from the comfort of your home and at your own pace a breeze for you. Whether online or in our classrooms, class will never go on without the student.

Simply show up ready to learn! All necessary materials will be covered in your tuition fees.


What to expect when training with Lash Primp Academy

Prepare yourself for a life-changing experience. You have just taken the first step towards a million-dollar industry. Our goal is to ensure you leave Lash Primp Academy with exceptional training. Lash Primp uses many different training techniques to be sure to reach every learning style in the room. Our Training outline contains everything from role-playing to miniature games. On the day of training, come dressed for SUCCESS.

To give real-life experiences, we will utilize a “Mock” Lashing room so that all students can experience being both the Lash Artist and the client. Bringing a model for group settings is unnecessary because you will partner with classmates for your hands-on practice. However, for private settings, we recommend you solicit a family member or close friend to complete your hands-on portions of the class. If you cannot find a model we will assist with soliciting a live model for an additional fee of $50.

We strive to provide undeniably informative training experience to ensure equal individual attention to our students. The size of every group setting is limited to 6-8 students per Master Lash Artist. While completing the hands-on portions of training, only 2-3 students will apply their technique while being supervised by a Lash Artist.

We completely understand how critical training can be to starting a new and successful career which is why our mission is to equip our students with more than they bargain for when choosing to train with Lash Primp Academy. Enjoy your training.


 Choose your learning Skill level below to learn more.

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What's Included:

  • One on One training with our Master Lash Instructor
  • Complete kit for your first 25 clients
  • Mannequin Head
  • Comprehensive Training Manual
  • 10% Student Discount for 6 months on all Lash Primp Products
  • 15% off one of our refresher or advanced training courses upon completion
  • Exclusive online training group and peer support
  • Ongoing mentorship with your instructor
  • Certification
What's Included




Course Requirements:

Lash Primp does not require a license to take any of our courses. However, We do recommend checking with your particular state for any state board regulations.

Course Refund Policy:

When you register for a course with Lash Primp, a reservation will be held in your name for that date & time and is unavailable to other students. All sessions are planned in detail to accommodate you. To cover the cost of modifying these arrangements due to cancellations or rescheduling, the following fees will apply.


Deposits are none refundable. 


Should you need to reschedule your private sessions, you must do so at least eight days before the scheduled date. One reschedule will be permitted per deposit without penalty. A reschedule fee of $250 will apply if you reschedule within seven days of your session start time.


To register for our courses a deposit is required. The remaining balance is due on the day of class.

Policy Details

Classic Training COURSE

*Choose your city*

Deposit: $250 to reserve a seat, the remaining balance due the day of class.

Course Length: 1 Day Training

Perfect class for beginners. Cover introduction to the lash world, theory and practical. Enjoy small and intimate training with 4 students per class.


Volume Training COURSE

*Choose your city*

Deposit: $250 to reserve a seat, the remaining balance due the day of class.

Course Length: 2 Day Training

Recommended for experienced lashers.

Learn Russian Volume & Mega Volume. Enjoy small and intimate training with 4 students per class.



3 Day Lash-a-thon

* Atlanta Ga Only *

Deposit: $250 to reserve a seat, the remaining balance due the day of class.

Learn Classic, Volume & Mega Volume in our 3 days Lash-A-Thon. Enjoy small and intimate training with 4 students per class.

All 3 days will consist of detailed hands-on training while learning the art of Lashing from beginning to end. 

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