Primp Pillow 2.0 - Lash Primp

Primp Pillow 2.0

Regular price $300.00

4 in 1 LED Primp Pillow

Perfect for eyelash extensions, brow extension, or permanent makeup.


  • 3 setting working white light
  • Blue Light to disinfect skin before treatments 
  • Red light to assuage skin after treatment 
  • 3 setting fan to dry glue or cool and calm skin

*When using blue or red light Client should wear eye goggles (purchased separately), and spend no longer than 10 minutes under setting.

*The original plug is EU but comes with US adaptor

* Lash Primp recommends use by trained professionals ONLY. Lash Primp assumes no liability for services performed with the use of our products. 

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