Become a PRIMP BABE 🌻

Do you love our products? Join our team as a Brand Ambassador and help spread the word, here are a few duties and perks of becoming Lash Primp Brand Ambassador.


Create a Buzz!, Lash Primp will often send our ambassadors new products, apparel, and upcoming training details to our ambassadors. You'll write about them on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Share blogs, pictures, or videos of items received. Your opinion matters; we want you to give feedback that helps improves our brand while most importantly representing Lash Primp Brand on all Social Networks.


  • Must-Have an active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (other social accounts are optional)
  • Must Acknowledge in your bio on Instagram that you are an ambassador for Lash Primp
  • Must have minimum 2000 followers on Instagram 
  • Must post a minimum of 3x a week on each social accounts. 
  • Must mention company, links, products, and affiliates provided.
  • Must present self in a socially appropriate and positive manner.
  • Must sign agreement
  • Must be an active Lash Artist with a minimum of 10 clients a week. (will request proof)


  • Receive a personal referral code with Bi-weekly monetary incentive
  • Monthly purchase credit for supplies
  • Be promoted in email marketing, social media, and on our website.
  • Free apparel
  • The chance to become a permanent Lash Primp Marketer Full Time with a competitive hourly pay